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urban holiday with the family

A year ago, I was all geared up for our family cruise in the Hawaiian waters. Looking back, it was an unforgettable experience – one which I will treasure for a very long time! Though it was a short 7 day cruise in and about the Hawaiian islands, I do hope to do the Alaskan [...]

shopping for a luggage

There have been a few travel fairs in the malls lately. Despite the global economy meltdown, people are still traveling and life still goes on as normal. Perhaps there is a cut on travel budget for most and people will be more savvy in their travel choices. I’m shopping for a Samsonite luggage this weekend [...]

modern hotels versus old hotels

Whenever I choose family friendly hotels in our family vacation, I like to pick accommodation hotels that are modern and new enough. In other words, I don’t like old and ugly hotels. Not that I’m choosy but old hotels tend to contain old furniture in the property and they make me feel so ‘stuffy’. Modern [...]

the best accommodation hotels for his 30th birthday gift idea

I am thinking hard on what I should get for a couch potato on his 30th birthday gift idea. It isn’t easy. On one hand, I don’t want to shop for popcorn machines to grant him more excuses to slouch in front of the goggle box but on the other, I know he enjoys popcorn [...]

planning for our family trip in the digital world

Whenever it comes to planning for a family vacation, I’ll be all excited and exhilarated about it. My hubby is one person who prefers to leave all the itinerary planning to me. He only cares and asks about the budget and making sure that I don’t overspend on accommodations and sight seeing. The cool thing [...]

luxury vacations for your honeymoon or anniversary

When it comes to planning a honeymoon or anniversary vacation, most people will be in for a travel splurge. After all, this is a good reason to choose luxury vacations and do things differently so if you can afford, why not enjoy a little luxury and pamper yourself? Honeymoons and anniversaries are celebrated by traveling [...]

cruising with the family

Since our first experience with cruising with the family last December, I’ve been checking out the Caribbean and Alaskan cruises. I have read so much about the wonderful sights and experiences with cruising in the Caribbean. It sounds like the way to go if you are into cruising, whether with the family, with your other [...]

the next San Francisco trip

My brother in law is asking us to make another trip to San Francisco. Looking back, it’s been 8 years since we last visited the bay area. The last time when we were there, we stayed with our uncle who rented a timeshare property. We had a huge apartment with two bedrooms and it was [...]

luxury… there’s nothing wrong

Nothing beats a fun filled vacation after a year of hard work, isn’t it? This is not just a time to wind down and relax but a great time to catch up with family and spend quality time with your loved ones. Tell you a little secret here: I’ve always enjoy luxury vacations though this [...]

better safe than sorry

Sometimes I find it hard to understand why people are willing to spend big amounts of money in vacation and holidays but they wouldn’t want to consider buying a travel insurance for their travels. When I ask them why they did not think a travel insurance is necessary, they would reply in sheer confidence that [...]

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