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Chiro Treatment for my Back

Yesterday I went for a chiropractic treatment that sent me home with lots of pain on my back. I was told that my back has lots of nasty knots and from the look of it, it will take some time to ease them all.

My chiropractor is a professional old chap who works alone and he’s a man of few words. He did alot for me within that half hour and I was hoping he would do more. He was very focused on his work and we didn’t have the chance to talk more. I can see the cell booster antenna on his phone so that’s how private his office is. The reception wasn’t that fantastic and that was why he needed that.

I’m feeling better today but my back still have a nagging pain that won’t go away. I think I should go see him again and do a second treatment and I’ll be soon on the way to recovery!

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